Can I bring along my friend or parent to the shoot?

Absolutely. I am very happy for you to do this especially if it makes you more comfortable. As there isn’t much space for viewing in the studio I would try and keep it to one person.

What should I wear?

Please read our wardrobe section for more details on what to wear here.

Can I wear a tutu for some of my shots?

Yes. I see this very much as your shoot and if you want tutu shots I am happy with that. I will help guide you as to what positions will look best with a tutu.

I saw a picture of a dancer and I think the position would look good on me. Will I be able to try it during the shoot?

Yes of course. I love when dancers come with ideas of positions they want to try. If something really isn’t working I will say so in order not to waste time and energy but I am always willing to try. If you do have a chance to spend some time trying positions out before you come to the shoot you will get an idea if something works on your body or not and be one step ahead on the day.

I feel really nervous and I have never done a photo shoot before, will this be a problem?

Not at all! As a former dancer and having been on the other side of a camera myself I know how it can feel. My shoots are very relaxed and positive and I find in no time dancers settle in and lose their nerves.

Will I be able to see my pictures during the shoot?

Yes, I shoot to a computer and you can see the images. However, I will recommend that you only look every once in a while or when I ask you to as it takes time to check images and it can break the rhythm I try to create on the day.