Looking like a professional dancer and not a student is very important at this juncture in your career. When an artistic director comes across your picture you want them to see you as a professional, someone who will slot right into the company. This will be one of my priorities as I work with you.

Dance / ballet audition shoots tend to last 2 ½ – 3 hours.  A typical ballet oriented shoot contains the following:

  • Professional headshot
  • Traditional ballet portfolio photographs
  • Contemporary dance photographs. (This can be adapted to cover more contemporary and modern dance images if you wish). 

For the ballet shoot I will guide you through a repertoire of positions that I feel are important to show, from arabesque and ecarte all the way to sissonne and grand jetes. Of course, I am always open to wishes you may have and positions you think will look good. I will often talk to you about how to achieve the longest lines possible for the camera and about achieving the sense that you are not showing the end point. 

The contemporary shoot is about showing a wider range of your dance capabilities. Ballet companies today cover a variety of dance styles and these images will help you show that you are capable of these. It is also a chance to show more of your personality and athleticism and get images that will wow the viewer.