I recommend you bring a few options on the day so we can discuss what may work best.

For women:

Light or pale leotards are my preference for the ballet portion of the shoot, these are more  flattering with my lighting. Stronger and darker colours can be saved for the contemporary shots together with bare legs and pancaked point shoes to match your skin tone. This creates a distinction in looks between ballet and contemporary.

You will have the opportunity to make several leotard changes during the shoot, I want to make sure you walk away with a variety of looks to choose from.

Your pointe shoes should not be brand new. Make sure they have been previously broken in so that they follow the line of your foot when you point. If you have more than one pair for each look, it is a good idea to bring them along.

I recommend your hair to be up and tidy and please bring hairspray for touch ups. I will also give you time to do some shots with your hair down at the end of the shoot should you choose.

For men:

A classical outfit of tights and a tight top. Bring light and dark dark colours for both if you have them, we can decide what looks best on the day.

For the contemporary look bring some fitted shorts or cut off tights, any muscle shirt or other type of sleeveless top you may have.

For shoes bring soft shoes to match the colour of your tights or socks, and some skin coloured shoes for the contemporary shots.

I am happy for you to make wardrobe changes during the shoot so feel free to bring several choices.

For both men and women try to avoid velvet and heavy cotton as these soak up the light and spoil definition. I also recommend you make choices that push your professional look and you can use the examples on this website to see what might work for you.